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Access index futures trading with less capital. Trade the most popular indices you already know with more control.

1/10th Original Contract Size

The contract size ranges from $.50 to $5. Trade the same price movement with less capital.

Liquid Futures Contracts

You have more flexibility for managing positions as market conditions change.

Trade Micro E-mini Futures Commission-Free

Unlimited Micro E-mini trading commission-free* on the most popular futures equity indexes

Major indices provide the liquidity for quick entrance and exit of positions. 

Greater Trade Scaling Versatility

This offer requires a one-time payment of $795 with a single associated Tradovate futures brokerage account which will have no commissions charged from the registration date to December 31, 2020, on select futures contract trades executed. Offer applies only to the futures trading contract symbols MES, MNQ, M2K, MYM offered by the CME Group. Offer is available for registration from November 24, 2019 - December 6, 2019. Commissions charged on all futures contract symbols besides MES, MNQ, M2K, and MYM executed still apply at the standard Tradovate commission rates listed on the Pricing Page. Offer is available to new and current Tradovate customers.

*Tradovate does not charge platform, maintenance, or inactivity fees. Exchange, NFA, and clearing fees still apply. 

Brokerage services are provided by Tradovate. Tradovate is a member of the NFA and registered with the CFTC. This is not an offer or solicitation for brokerage services or other products or services in any jurisdiction where Tradovate is not authorized to do business or where such offer or solicitation would be contrary to local laws and regulations of that jurisdiction.

Futures and options trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Investors should understand the risks involved in trading and carefully consider whether such trading is suitable in light of their financial circumstances and resources. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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Black Friday Offer Expires December 6, 2019

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Through December 2020

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Minimum Account Balance $250